The best path for Level 4

robiMirobiMi New MemberPosts: 6Registered
If more expirience users may share their view of the path they have taken or which one would recemonned.
Other words which modul to take as first,second....
I heard that the FNST is the hardest but there maybe are any other views?


  • WhirlwindWhirlwind Well-Known Posts: 249Registered
    I think it depends on what your last level 3 units were as CRS leads into BGT which in turn helps with FNPF or API & II leads onto FNST. Thats sort of what I have done although I did API, APII then FNST - online classroom with the rest as self study. Then later CRS - BGT then FNPF.

    All the best with your choice.
  • robiMirobiMi New Member Posts: 6Registered
    Thank you Whirlwind.
  • vickie88vickie88 Feels At Home Posts: 58Registered
    I think every one is different as i found FNST ok i thought the hardest one was FNPF.

    In my opinion the easier units are credit management, audit and budgeting. I would say do budgeting and FNPF one after another as they carry on from each other.

    I studied level 2 and 3 on the old syllabus I would say FNPF carries on from ECR and FNST carries on from FRA.
  • The MagicianThe Magician Feels At Home Posts: 96Registered
    I did level 4 under the new standards and wow: I found auditing the hardest unit by a considerable margin!

    I did level 3 under the old standards and professional ethics exam was the hardest exam I have EVER done.
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