How long did it take for your CMPA results?

amurrayamurray Feels At HomePosts: 234Registered, AATQB
Hi All,

Just wondering how long it took other students for your CMPA results?

My college advised me they will send a feedback form and provisional mark through and then it will be published on the AAT website 4-6 weeks later after internal verification.

Only took mine on Monday and checking my emails from my college and the AAT Website. A complete Wreck :) (God help me when I get to Level 4!)
*MAAT hopefully to follow soon!


  • RoblarRoblar Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    I took mine two weeks ago I haven't received anything from my college or on the website I'm abit worried as well. :/
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Posts: 234Registered, AATQB
    Hi Roblar, can you contact your college at all? I read they can take a while.

    Today I just received my provisional grade from my college, and now Internal verification @ AAT, being available on MyAAT in 4 weeks.
    *MAAT hopefully to follow soon!
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