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Results delay over christmas?

turbo_sammieturbo_sammie Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 51
I sat my Financial Performance exam on 30th November, and the 6 week waiting time will take me to 11th January 2014. Does anyone know if there is usually a delay in the marking of exams if Christmas is within the 6 week waiting period? The lady at the exam centre told me to expect the results at the end of Jan, but I'm hoping she's wrong cos that seems so far away!



  • cazalinocazalino Feels At Home Registered Posts: 44
    I hope not I'm expecting budgeting results 26/12 -would be the best present if I passed!
  • oibbotsonoibbotson New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Not sure, I've been waiting six weeks today for my last results. As such she could be right as noone should really be expected to work over xmas.
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