*job vacancies* Sales ledger and purchase ledger position in Cambridgeshire

Chrisps303Chrisps303 Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 33
My employer is advertising for a sales and a purchase ledger person.

Aat level 3 qualified, I secured my position with no previous accounts experience.

If your looking for your first job in accounts or just a change of company send in your cv.

Links to both positions below.




  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Well done you but although I am looking for any position in account I am in Midlands so what a shame can't apply for it!
  • Chrisps303Chrisps303 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 33
    Keep looking, I spent 2 years being knocked back because I had no accounts experience.

    Luckily my current employer was prepared to give me a chance.
  • richfrichf Just Joined Registered Posts: 86
    Two years @Chrisps303?
    Sadly not close enough for me either.

    I finish my aat autumn ish hopefully, am planning to start looking late summer for accounting work, hopefully doesn't take two years.
  • Chrisps303Chrisps303 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 33
    richf said:

    Two years @Chrisps303?

    Yes, 2 years of hearing the same thing. No experience!

    Pretty demoralising at times but just have to keep going.

    It all paid of in the end.
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