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How to begin AAT level 2 Self Study?

MoondoggieMoondoggie Registered Posts: 2
Hello everybody

I know self-study isn't encouraged by some people but I'm a recent graduate with a retail part-time job so I'm not in a position to pay for a learning provider unfortunately. However, I'm an economics graduate and while I have little experience in accounting I do have a mind for finance in a broader sense. I have put some money aside over the last few months so that I've been able to buy Osborne books.

I have:
  • Basic accounting 1 tutorial and workbook
  • Basic accounting 2 tutorial and workbook
  • Basic costing tutorial and workbook
  • Work effectively in accounting tutorial and workbook
  • Computerised accounting tutorial
There are YouTube videos, websites and a wealth of information pre-recorded and available but I really wanted to just come here and ask advice from people who have been through it too. Quite simply, where should I begin? I was thinking of doing it in the order that I listed the books.

Any additional tips, recommended websites etc are welcome.

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  • MoondoggieMoondoggie Registered Posts: 2
    Brilliant. Thanks Liam, I hope everything goes really well for you. And thanks for the input about doing it without a provider, it encourages me. =)

    Are there any good online resources you could recommend or did you mostly use study books?
  • Liam0793Liam0793 Registered Posts: 10
    edited March 2016
    The books are great all you need for level 2, I used the BPP ones myself but i am going to go with the Osborne ones for level 3.

    I would sign up for the AAT membership as you will need to anyway to sit your exam and you can access the study resources and the practice assessments which are the exact same as the real thing.

    I would also try to get the right sage software when you are ready to study for computerised accounting. Not sure if there is a free trial or even a 1 month subscription.
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 782
    Read the books first then decide if you actually want to sit the level 2 exams. As you are self funding, personally I'd save yourself the money. You only need to pass levels 3 and 4 to be AAT qualified.
  • waltonAATwaltonAAT Registered Posts: 7
    Liam0793 - what is the right Sage Software for computerised accounting?
  • Liam0793Liam0793 Registered Posts: 10
    edited March 2016
    waltonAAT said:

    Liam0793 - what is the right Sage Software for computerised accounting?

    I just meant the one that goes with whichever book you bought. My book for computerised accounting was the Kaplan SageOne text/revision kit.

    Have a look through your book it should mention which version of sage it is.
  • BU982TBU982T Registered Posts: 40
    Are you sure you wouldn't want to do ACCA instead of AAT?
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