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Starting level 2 - Help


I have recently graduated in business & computing and I am looking to get into accounting. I have finally decided to self-study for AAT. I have a few questions:

1 - If I self-study level 2, which books do I need as the Osborne site has 3 sets of books? - Cert. in accounting, Cert. in bookkeeping and Diploma in accounting and business.

2 - If I self study level 2, to get the qualification do I need to do the project? and if so, do I need to do this with a training provider?

3 - Is it worth sitting the exams for levels 2 and 3, or just learning the material and moving on to level 4? By this I mean that if you have level 4 AAT completed on your job application, will an employer want to see that you have also passed levels 2 and 3?

4 - I have an interview for an Accounts Payable Analyst this week, and was wondering if completing AAT and working for a role in this position or something similar, and then applying for a more senior role whereby I can have an organisation pay for my ACCA qualification is a viable career plan?

Thanks in advance!


  • FrenchLadyFrenchLady Registered Posts: 12
    Hi David

    1) You need the yellow/orange ones for AAT level2. These are the ones I have anyway, and I have found them useful.
    2) As far as I know, you need to do the CPAG module to get the AAT level2 qualification. This module is assessed differently. It is assessed locally by your training provider (i.e. the training provider is where you take the exam)
    You can do this module in self study. That's what I did, but I did find it trickier than the other units. Looking back, I would have preferred to have a tutor for this unit. (But I didn't need a tutor for the other units)
    Be aware that training providers can use different accounting softwares for the exam. My training provider used SageOne. Some training providers use Sage50. The Osborne books use Sage50. Make sure you know which software they are using for the exam.
    3) I think you can skip AAT level 2 if you have some work experience in the area. But personally, I found it useful to take the exams. It's a good way to motivate yourself !
    4) I am afraid I don't know about that one...
  • SusanCSusanC AAT Student Posts: 23
    Judging by the advice my local college puts out to prospective students, with your background you could get away with just doing the bookkeeping cert and moving on to level 3. Some of my classmates did that - though they tell me level 3 is a big step up so expect to spend a lot more study hours on it!
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