Computerised accounts exam

lauraclaurac Posts: 1Registered

I'm wondering how long it took you all to study for the level 2 computerised accounts exam? As in how many hours study?

Stupidly, I agreed to an exam in September for this and with it being summer holidays, kids, trips out ect shamefully I havnt even got the disc in my laptop yet.

Anyway, is it possible to study for this exam with plenty of hard work and pass between now and then or do I call my tutor and admit I havnt even looked (she thinks I just need to polish up now)

Help will be very much appreciated!! Thankyou.


  • emilyh90emilyh90 Posts: 4Registered
    Hey, I think with this one it all depends on how familiar you are with accounting software. When I did level 2 we used SAGE One to do this exam with. I use SAGE everyday at work so for me I found the in class studying was enough for me, I don't think I did very much at home, however everyone is different!! If I was you if you don't feel comfortable I would put the exam back a few weeks and try do some mock exams to see what is going to be asked of you.
    Hope this helps :) and good luck!!!
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