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The BPP text book covers both Sage Instant (similar to Sage 50 which I'm using for training) & Sage One. I have tried to contact BPP and ask whether they offer the use of both or just Sage Instant when taking the exam but haven't got an answer.

Can anyone confirm what software BPP offer at their centres? .

Thanks in advance.


  • shannonr1990shannonr1990 Registered Posts: 36
    Desperate to find this out too.
    I saw on the AAT Facebook group that someone has taken the AQ2016 exam and trained & used Sage One.
    I am being told by training provider to train with sage 50c so confused. Does anyone know which one they use in the exam?
  • MattFASMattFAS Registered Posts: 2
    If you are training using BPP and have already booked an exam date with them, you should receive an email confirmation with the following "BPP exam computers contain ONLY Sage 50 Accounts 2013 software."

    Sage 50 is very similar to Sage Instant which are chapters 1 & 2 in the textbook AQ2013. This may not apply to AQ2016,

    I would recommend asking the question again just to be 100% sure what software your training provider offers for the exam, or if you have booked an exam already look at the email confirmation.

  • KIMMILLS100KIMMILLS100 Registered Posts: 1
    Can someone help.
    I am doing my course with ICS Learning and they have provideD a Kaplan book which useS Sage One I have been studying with this and using an online Sage One. I have booked my exam for 2 weeks at the local college and I am worrying if I have been studying Sage One instead of Sage 50.
    I have tried e mailing the college asking them what package the exam will be on but I have had no reply.
  • AminoAlexAminoAlex Registered, Tutor Posts: 17
    edited May 2017
    Hi KIMMILLS100,

    This is going to be very difficult for anyone (except someone from the local college) to answer. If they have Internet access then you would imagine that you could use Sage One - as this is what you have been using to practice. I would hope that a college would allow and have both, especially when you consider that AAT are pretty flexible in the choice of accounting software, providing you can generate the necessary reports.

    Only consideration may be that you need to get a trial version of Sage One before you sit the exam (unless ICS provided you with an account that has no upcoming expiry date)

    Hope that helps,


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