one invoice, two sales types

Hi guys
I am trying to learn sage . I am supposed to post invoice with two different sales types on it. How do you do it is sage ? In batch invoice window single line is dedicated to one invoice and only one nominal account can be selected. I need two separate nominal accounts to record sales A on one of them and sales B on another one. How do you do it in Sage ?


  • N4TN4T Posts: 191AAT Student
    Instead of using batch invoice choose "new invoice". You should have already set up the nominal codes for sales A and sales B. Then select product code for each line within the same invoice.
  • rafapakrafapak Posts: 21Registered
    thanks for reply
  • CasuCasu Posts: 102Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    You can do this in batch invoice as well
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