Distant Learning - Should I?

Hi All,

I'm currently half way through studying AAT Level 2 (Foundation) but I'm beginning to look at my options for the next level already. I work full time, so I study one evening per week for 2.5 hours at college.

Would anybody recommend distant learning? If so, which provider did you use and what was your experience like?

Positives and negatives all appreciated - Thanks!



  • CallumCallum Posts: 8Registered
    It just depends on how you learn, I honestly prefer classroom learning as it lets me get more input and feedback from tutors who are right there. I'm doing level 4 and think it would be a lot harder doing distance, however, if you are finding that level 2 is rather easy and you give a look over the level 3 and it doesn't seem all that bad (I didn't think it was to be honest) then it might be worth your while.
  • sjohnsonsjohnson SouthamptonPosts: 1Registered
    I have studied AAT level 2 and almost finished my level 3, both via distance learning whilst working full time. From my personal experience I would recommend Distance Learning. I like how I'm not committing to attending classes in the evenings, instead I am able to pick it up or drop it off as and when I want to. The pitfall is that when you are struggling with a topic, its not as simple as discussing with a teacher in the classroom or fellow class mates, however, you do still have contacts for support if required and there is plenty of content for study and practise. For my AAT level 2 I used a local college, however for the Level 3 I switched to Kaplan. The biggest thing with distance learning is that you need to be able to motivate yourself to push through, as its far to easy to distract yourself in the comfort of your own home!

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