Doing MABU and MDCL before doing FSLC?


Is it a good idea to do MABU and MDCL before doing FSLC? Are there topics covered in FSLC that are required knowledge for MABU and MDCL? Or can I do these 2 exams first and then do FSLC afterwards?

I am studying AAT completely on my own and don't have access to a tutor to help me with these sorts of queries, so any feedback is much appreciated.


  • absco14
    absco14 Registered Posts: 34

    I personally didn't think there were anything topics in FSLC that you need for the other two. So i think you could do them in any order :) Although i would say to do MABU before MDCL as its not as bad (personally) :)
  • Shakeelbutt
    Shakeelbutt Registered, Tutor Posts: 1
    Hi Sorenn,

    MABU and MDCL are linked with each other (as both units are based on Management Accounting and having many common topics) and it could be a good practice to do MABU, prior to attempt MDCL. In relation to FSLC, it doesn't require any prior knowledge of MABU or MDCL as it covers the Financial Accounting section of Accounts, while MABU and MDCL both are based on Management Accounting.

    So feel free to start your Level studies in a sequence MABU, MDCL and then FSLC OR FSLC, MABU and then MDCL, whichever suits your preferences.

  • Sorenn
    Sorenn Registered Posts: 2
    Brilliant! Thank you both for your insight and feedback :)

    Best regards,
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