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it would seem that AAT removed my previous discussion which I do not understand why because I never disclosed anything to do with live assessments, because I made sure I worded it properly. Anyway I will write a brief one which I would appreciate any comments.

This will be my third attempt and would like to know if the below summary for tasks 2, 4 and 6 is correct or if there is anything that I have missed for the questions that AAT can ask you:

Task 2 - Budgets,, comment on them and possibly the factors? Anything else.

Task 4 - decision making. Is it always contributions? Anything else

Task 6 - SWOT and Cost Benefit Analysis. Would people also give me pointers as to how they identify O and T and provide me with examples. I know they are normally external but I struggle with the O and T.

Thank you in advance


  • Robbie28
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    Hi Nick, have you taken your exam yet??
  • sharpy92
    sharpy92 Registered Posts: 52
    Using the AAT online practice exams and Kaplan information....

    2 - Different types of budgets and advantages/disadvantages. Flexing the budget to match an increase in productivity

    4 - Relevant costs, contribution, loss reports.

    6 - Weaknesses in internal processes, ethical issues, Opportunities - new systems to make life easier for staff and cut down time and mistakes- saves company money in the long run. Threats - recession, interest rates rising. (Opportunities and Threats) are not always going to occur but could cause harm to your organization. They are harder to control and could come from competitors, the marketplace or even from your customer.
  • elraymonds
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    For the SWOT part, would these SWOT analysis examples be any help? They are drawn on different brands, companies.
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