Wanted: AAT Level 3 (2016) +/or AAT Level 4 (2016) - BPP or Osborne pref but Kaplan too

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HI, is anyone selling (+ happy to post) a full set of AAT Level3 (AQ2016) +/or AAT L4 (AQ2016)? I'd prefer Osborne or BPP but would consider Kaplan (if neither of these about). Many thanks. I'm also prepared to sort/send an address label so they can be dropped off somewhere or collected with postage paid.


  • fedemennifedemenni AATQB Posts: 47
    I have MABU 2016 and External Audit if interested
  • Agnes123Agnes123 MAAT Posts: 41
    i'm waiting for results of my synoptic (3 weeks left) and if I have passed (I'm sure I have :)) then I'll have a full set of aat4 Kaplan books for sale.. Depending whether you're happy to wait or not.
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    Agnes123 that sounds great. Let me know when you pass (and price) etc
    Thank you
    Fedemenni thank you but I'm sorted I think
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    I have a full set of Kaplan Level 4 books for the 2013 syllabus if anyone is interested.

    Not sure if I'll ever be able to sell them off though, what with the change in syllabus.

    But most of the info in them should still be relevant regardless.
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    I'm sorted now. Thank you. Good luck
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