Help with the AAT practice exam: "Set the financial year to start on 1 June of the current year"

cjkearnscjkearns Posts: 11Registered, AAT Student
Does this mean Set it to 1 June 2019, or should I set it to 1 June 2018?
It sounds dumb, but setting it to start in 2019 and end in 2020 before led to an error in an ICS exam I did due to a reccuring payment not actually happening. I'm just a bit confused.


  • LeapyUKLeapyUK Posts: 22AAT Student
    Yes, set the financial year to start in 2019, the current year.

    You will then have to set the program date also (which tends to be the end of the same month, so in this case 30th June), so that the software thinks that is today’s date.

    Otherwise it will think it’s the real date that you are doing the mock.
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