Sage 50 AAT UACS Practice Assessment: How to set up the owner of the company?

Hi everyone

I have attempted the practice assessment and note that you are asked to "set up the business name, address, owner and accounting period".

Please can anyone advise how you do this as I can't see an option to enter the owner?

Many thanks


  • amandagarrattamandagarratt WidnesPosts: 10Registered, Tutor
    I have been unable to do this also, however as setting up the company is not part of the assessment I have left it out.

    Might be worth getting confirmation from AAT about this though. Try the assessments team.

  • EM12345EM12345 Posts: 11Registered
    Hi Amanda. Thank you for responding. I left it out too and got 100% in the exam so didn't effect result.
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