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Jonathan who had not made any other transfers in recent tax years made the following lifetime transfers-
170k payment into trust (chargeable transfer)
20k to his son
30k to his daughter

Calculate inheritance tax payable during his lifetime.

The chargeable transfer allows us to deduct two annual 3 k exemptions I.e this years allowance and last years but the gifts only allow one 3k I.e this years allowance.
Why is this?
If no transfers have been made in recent tax years then why can’t we carry the previous 3k over making the gift 20-3-3=14??


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    Can someone help with this please?
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    I don’t understand the answer of dates!!

    The chargeable allowance allows us to bring forward last years allowance so why can’t we do the same for the gifts?
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    Dates are important because the annual exemption is applied on the earlier transfer in the tax year.
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    So are you saying you can only carry one 3k annual exemption over?
    And that gets applied on the first transfer?
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