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Hi There,

I'm currently sitting the Synoptic next week for the first time and I have a question I'd like to ask regarding Task 6.

I know the question is going to be regarding either a SWOT analysis or a Cost Benefit Analysis

Should I get a SWOT analysis, I understand the question usually asks things like identify 1 weakness, strength etc...If I'm doing pretty well for time, can I name more than one of each?

I know I won't get any extra marks but I would like to ensure I get the marks available.

So can I mention a weakness like 'lack of segregation of duties' for a procedure (explain why it is bad + remedy if asked) and then after can I say...another potential weakness is this or that?

I know I can't get extra marks for it...but I want to maximise my answer to get the full marks available. I mean the examiner has an answer sheet, and I'm just trying to hit what he's looking for really.

So overall, can i just say its this, another weakness is this, etc

Or could I potentially get marked down providing more than one weakness...

Many Thanks,


  • Alexa
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    Hi I have read in examiner report( i think that's how it's called) that if they ask for one weakness and you provide two they will ignore the second one as its not what they asked for. Don't waste your time on doing second strength/weakness if they are asking for one. Use the spare time to go over your answer sand see if there is something else you can think about to add to improve your answears.
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