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Any tips for this exam?

AmyMAmyM LiverpoolRegistered Posts: 3
Does anybody have any tips / revision materials for taking this exam?
I'm due to take it in two weeks and am a little scared!

Anything will help please!


  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 305
    I might be muddling things with Final Accounts slightly but I'd recommend:

    Understand control accounts and how they work and interact with other accounts. Particularly Payroll as that can be quite complex with how many different accounts will interact.
    Accruals and Prepayments and how to use information on them to work out correct closing/opening balances.
    Fixed Assets how to handle a disposal and how to represent depreciation in the accounts
    Discounts it's very easy to get these muddled so make sure you're happy with which is which.

    I also seem to remember that you needed to be able to find missing information from an account when you have a list of figures.

    The exam itself. Stay calm if you find yourself getting stuck on a question use scrap to write down the relevant information from the question in a format you prefer, fill in what you are confident about and things might become clearer or fall into place.
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  • Manny888Manny888 Registered Posts: 3
    Don't be scared, be prepared!

    Go in there with your head held high, with no fear but only intent of doing your best and only doing your best. Do not let others around you distract you, you have a job to do and stay focused on completing the task at hand which is doing what you've trained yourself to do. Walk through that door with courage and confidence and give it 100% and leave the rest to nature.

    Good luck and best wishes!
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