Synoptic Level 3 - Excel -Timing

Hi There

I really worry about synoptic excel section as some people mentioned they been ran out of time? Is that mean there's more question in real exam? or just question streaky and need to read them few times to understand?
I really don't like doing something in rush, timing stress me out :-( With my study provider Mock assessment quiet difficult and its more question than in sample assessment on AAT
I will be really disappointed if run out of time.....



  • livintiv
    livintiv AATQB Posts: 65
    Hi Joanna,

    I almost ran out of time in the spreadsheets section of my synoptic, but I put that down to my not having practised enough in preparation! So I was triple-checking everything, which takes time, and then when I couldn't get my numbers to play in the second task, that took time too.

    My advice would be: make sure you've done lots of preparation - I used filtered as well as following through the book and my training provider's resources. Then you'll be more confident with your skills and worry less (like I did :lol: ).
  • Annaoj90
    Annaoj90 Registered Posts: 13
    Thank you, that what I try to do practice practice practice but stress is not good helper.... fingers crossed 🤞
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