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  • Daivana
    Dear Francesca, I placed myself in the same situation like yours, wait until last minute, but my case is much more worst because I don’t have tutor or any other support, I studying from Kaplan books and AAT website. Do you have any additional information especially to pass 5-9 exam questions and don’t mind to share with me? I still can try my luck on 21st December, but I am worried I don’t have enough materials for my preparation; thanks
    December 2017
    • francescasade12
      Hi Daivana, I hope you are well.

      Firstly do not panic!!! Are you on 2013 syllabus like myself, that is th eonly reason i paniced. If you arent then dont worry Hi Daivana, I hope you are well.

      Firstly do not panic!!! Are you on 2013 syllabus like myself, that is the only reason i panicked. If you aren’t then don’t worry you’ll be able to resit without losing previous exams.

      I read my book through and have concentrated on writing out notes and understanding different scenarios.

      What i have struggled with is comparing my answers to the suggested correct answers, without the marking material I don’t know how close i would have been to full marks.

      Anyway download and study the Exam task layout from the AAT website and spend the weekend focusing on all points.

      I plan to do a Hand written brain storm per Task, with key words.

      When i get in to the exam i plan to write down the following before starting

      P - Professional Behaviour
      I - Integrity
      P - Professional Competence and due care
      C - Confidentiality
      O - Objectivity

      A - Advocacy
      S - Self Interest
      I - Intimidation
      F - Familiarity
      S - Self Review

      P - Point
      E - Example
      E - Explain

      State - Short answer straight to the point
      Explain - Opposite to state, need to explain WHY also.
      Threat - mention which principle is threatened and how it is threatened.

      Know your threats and Fundamental principles inside out. Also learn about safeguarding ( i need to do a bit of work on this)

      Also an area I need to work on is Sustainability - I plan to just read and read all weekend. read out and write down.
    • francescasade12

      Here's a quiz i found

      Also do the greenlight test on AAT and the learning tasks.