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  • sarah91
    hi I hope your well and don't mind me messaging u I red your post about u have outstanding exams, I have four exams outstanding I have booked two exams next week I booked them two weeks ago I have struggling but I do want to complete the course by the end of the year the exams I have booked next week are financial statements and credit control any tips? also then I need to book financial performance and cash management I haven't even opened my books since last year when I was studying at college now I have my notes when I attended but I am clueless I don't know where to start from.

    many thanks,
    • rvs29
      Hi @Sarah91 I'm well I hope you are too.
      Are you sitting both FSTM and CRDC next week? I would say these are the easiest 2 (although, I haven't had my CRDC exam result back yet). I would definitely say use the green lights tests and practice exams on the AAT website, these are very good and very similar to the real exams.
      I would then take your FPFM but allow yourself some time to study, don't rush. I passed this 2nd time, but maybe I didn't have enough study time.
      I would look at the latest exam dates possible before 31 December for FPFM and CSHM, to allow yourself maximum time possible to study.
      I can't really give any tips on CSHM as unfortunately am retaking this in November. I found the studying easy, and passed all of the practice exams, but the real exam was nothing like the practice examples, and was very different overall.

      Have you done the ISYS project? If you haven't then my advice would be to take your time, do what you can before Christmas, and map the rest of your units over to AQ2016, as the ISYS project doesn't map over and may be wasted.

      To be honest, I could do with some tips as well on CHSM haha, but happy to give you any advice that I can.
      I'm sure you will be fine as long as you use all of the resources that have been provided by AAT and your provider!!

      Hope some of this helps!

      If there is anything else I can do or help with just let me know :)