Sample Assessment 2 help needed please

darren100darren100 AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 3
Task 3 the answer under staff parties says 100 under foday's total employment income but i though staff parties is a non taxable benefit up to £150 a head so surely the answer should be 0 if the party cost the employer £120 per employee

also task 6 james total income tax liabilities it says his income from employment is 14,500 but looking at the answers it says it is now 14,000 not 14,500 not sure why this would be

and finally if anyone knows how you work out task 9 (b) Celia brought 20 acres of land for £45,900 in the 2016/17 tax year,she sold five acres for £50,000 and the remaining acres were valued at £400,000
calculate the gain on the sale of the land the answer is 44,900 not sure again how you get to this answer

Any help on any of these questions would be appreciated


  • darren100darren100 AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 3
    Task 3 someone has helped me solve as i missed there were 2 staff parties in a year so 1 party is chargeable but the rest of the questions i still need to find answers for
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