MDCL resittting- help with resources- what are papers like now after the suspension

Esther10Esther10 Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 1
Hi, I need to retake my MDCL paper- any experience out there with retakes since the suspension? and what good resources would you recommend? Are any of ACCA stuff useful?


  • KaygKayg Registered Posts: 1
    I took the exam in March since the suspension. Have how had feed back from the AAT that a general percentage upgrade is being added to all papers taken since Sept as they are still finding issues with the paper this time it was to do with it being more difficult than the equivalent exam being sat last year. We all found the exam very difficult and not really a comparison to the practice papers we had revised. Still waiting for result but I'm sure it will be a resit for me. They are amending the paper. It's all on their website if you want more info
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