If you're new to AAT and haven't studied for a while, familiarise yourself with how percentages work.
Take inspiration from Alys, who changed career and has shared her journey so far....

ATT Personal Tax revision kit FA 12 for Exams in 2013

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  • Diddy MauDiddy Mau Well-Known Posts: 228Registered Users
    Does this mean you have passed PTAX on ATT
    Well done:001_smile:
  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonPosts: 725Registered Users
    Noooooo... don't be so silly! :) Exam is at the beginning of May.

    I bought two by mistake, can't return and they are quite expensive, so need to get rid of one! I'll take that wishful thinking though!

    :) B xxx
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