ATT Personal Tax revision kit FA 12 for Exams in 2013

BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced MentorDevonPosts: 1,016Registered
Becca Jones CTA MAAT ATT :)


  • Diddy MauDiddy Mau Well-Known Posts: 238Registered
    Does this mean you have passed PTAX on ATT
    Well done:001_smile:
  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonPosts: 1,016Registered
    Noooooo... don't be so silly! :) Exam is at the beginning of May.

    I bought two by mistake, can't return and they are quite expensive, so need to get rid of one! I'll take that wishful thinking though!

    :) B xxx
    Becca Jones CTA MAAT ATT :)

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