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Professional cover - north east

red_devilred_devil Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 52
I am looking to start as a self-employed MIP but have no idea how to find someone to act as my professional cover (am I correct in thinking that this is AAT requirement before licence can be issued?).

I'm currently based in north-east, so would prefer to find someone in local area if poss.



  • claudialoweclaudialowe Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 275
    Hi Red Devil

    Yes, it is a requirement to have professional cover in place before a MIP licence can be granted.

    If you don't get any joy from here, then I would recommend going along to a branch meeting (these are listed somewhere on here) and asking there.

    Sorry I can't help but the other end of the country - Norfolk.

  • red_devilred_devil Feels At Home Registered Posts: 52
    Thnx for the advice Claudia. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to just ask someone outright at a branch meeting, which is why I wanted to try this 'anonymous' route first!
  • sheelaghsheelagh Well-Known Registered Posts: 133
    Finding Professional Cover

    You could ask the event organiser to announce your request at a local branch meeting.
    Alternatively, you could try approaching a small local firm, who might be more willing to help you if they have the capacity to absorb the extra work if you are incapacitated.

    Good luck!

  • red_devilred_devil Feels At Home Registered Posts: 52
    Thnx Sheelagh. I just hoped that there would be an MIP on here who was local to me - maybe MIPs are thin on the ground up here in the north!
  • red_devilred_devil Feels At Home Registered Posts: 52
    sorry guys, but I just wanted this to get back to the top of the list! I'm getting a bit desperate here, as I want to submit my MIP application but can't without professional cover. Can anyone help?
  • DevilishbirdDevilishbird Feels At Home Registered Posts: 56
    RD where abouts are you up north? Your profile doesn't state the region your in.
  • red_devilred_devil Feels At Home Registered Posts: 52
    Sorry Devillishbird - I'm near Newcastle (the Toon!).
  • StrantonaStrantona New Member Registered Posts: 14
    I got my insurance with caunce OHara they seem to be the cheapest, you can apply online it only takes a week to come through, it also covers employees, you mip licence wont take long to come through,,, Go for it!!!! North East..... MIP
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