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Have lost my letter from AAT with exam seat numbers on. What do i do?!


  • hayleylouc
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    i don't think it will matter, i had an exam today and i'm sure some people didn't bring their letters. your centre should be able to tell you where you are sat if you can't remember. just make sure you take some proof of ID with you

  • *Sarah*
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    I always thought you had to have it with you? I believe yo can print one off from the AAT website

    Good luck with your exams :-)

  • Sully786
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    Letter lost


    just go on to mu AAT and print you exam attendance details. If you are have not joined My AAT then ring AAT then they will give you their email address and password so that you could log in and print your exam details in. I think you shoud take exam attendance details as well as proof of ID.

    I hope that helps you...
  • EmAngier
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    They weren't sent this year, everyone has to print them off from MY AAT on the website.
    It's some time since I registered but I didn't need tocontact AAT to do so, just go to the registration page & enter your membership number.

    HTH & Good Luck next weeek!
  • Bens_princess
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    this thread is from December exams...not now.
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