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Hi I am a new user to this forum.

I sat my ECR exam yesterday and I am pretty sure I have answered the WIP question incorrectly. Also I did not give much of an answer to the two stepped fixed costs questions (we never covered this in class) so do not expect to get many marks for them. I can't remember whether both of these were in Section 1 or not - does anybody know?

I am fairly confident I have got every other question correct, so would I still pass with the above two questions wrong? Does anyone know what the pass mark is for each section, our tutor is very vague about it, he says 80%ish??

Thanks in advance


  • haychie
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    I hadn't covered the stepped bit either! i just babbled about what i thought it could have been!

    Fingers crossed we'll be ok. Hope they take it into consideration if a few got confused on this one !

  • sebastianforbes
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    most of the questions in question (no pun intended) are worth too few points to worry about.
  • sunny
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    I asked a marker after FRA exam, he said the AAT never give the pass mark to them. So it must be different every year, is it true?
  • King of the Mountains
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    What do you mean?' They never give the pass mark to them'
  • sunny
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    sorry about my English. To improvineg it is much more difficult than leaning AAT:001_tongue:
    I meant: They don't know exactly how many marks does the student need to pass each exam. So I think maybe AAT sets the standard every year depends on average results?
    Is it clearly?
  • King of the Mountains
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    I understand now, thanks
  • rileymh
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    I once read a chief assessors report stating that the pass mark is 50% for ECR.
    In an AAT booklet I did read that traditional exams have a pass mark of 40%.
    I believe it does vary year by year, I think that when your tutor said 80%. I believe he meant 80% competence during the exam, this does not necessarily mean 80% correct answers.
    If you showed your workings, completed the questions required to the best of your knowledge I believe they will grant you competence. Just because you end up with the wrong figures does not mean you are incompetent. The stepped method was new to me also, I know they will take this into consideration, Please do not write yourself off good luck with your results
  • mahdi87
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    heya jenaat my tutor told me that the pass must be 60% or over in each section i dont understand why every tutor is saying diferent pass rate?????
    and about RILEYMH is what i have been told about from tutor too "if u done correct work out and ur answear was wrong u wont loose many marks" FINGERS CROSS HOPE WE ALL PASS THIS EXAM!!
  • Anna Hillier
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    Thanks King of the Mountains for reporting this post in order to ask your query. Having spoken to my colleagues in Exams I can confirm that:

    The pass mark is built up from competence levels for each task and therefore varies slightly from sitting to sitting according to the rigour of the tasks and the precise blend of core and peripheral areas covered in a given paper. Competence levels and the pass marks that they build up to are suggested by the Chief Assessors, checked by Exams Panel and Exams Review Panel and ultimately ratified by ETMP.
  • Laura
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    It sounds to me as though you should pass the exam even if you got the WIP questions wrong. To be honest, i'm pretty sure i got the WIP questions wrong as well as the stepped fixed costs question, i just made something up that sounded reasonable! I imagine i'm not the only one! I guess there is nothing that can be done now anyway, just wait and see!
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