PTC exam - PPR!

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What did you think?

In section 1, did you ignore the entertainment expenses as they were reimbursed?

In section 2, what did you do with the PPR? I allowed the last 3 years as deemed occupation, but I wasn't sure if the '3 years at any time' could be used as well. So I had the rest of the final period (around 1 year and 9 months?) as a period of absence as she was living elsewhere.
I know there's the rule about having to live in the property before and after the deemed occupation. After looking through the rules I'm still not sure about this. If both 3 year exemptions were allowed it would leave full occupation so there would be no gain.


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    I did the same as you in both cases.

    I put a little note about the reimbursed expenses so they didn't think I had just ignored them, but didn't show them in any calculation.
    And I ended up with about 1 year and 9 months for the PPR question as I thought that the 'any reason' absence had to be followed by actual occupation rather than deemed occupation?

    Hopefully we're right as I don't think I can afford to have this part of section 2 wrong as well!!
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    Wow, this is a blast from the past!
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    I didnt read the date on that post and started reading the rest.....................I was wondering what???? I thought exam week had come around and I missed it! :lol:
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