Losing my confidence

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Hello, please can anyone give me any advice. I fully qualified in the summer and then applied to become a full member, during that time i got made redundant from a assistant management accountants post that i was in. I got a new post in the same organisation but there was very little finance involved, things where going ok for a while when my new manager announced she had a new job. The organisation are not going to replace her and so basically there is no fundamental role for me at the moment. I want to look outside this organisation but i have lost my confidence regarding my capabilities when going for new finance posts.:001_unsure:


  • mfernott
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    You'll be fine chick, have faith in yourself and others will have faith in you. By qualifying you have proven to yourself and others that you are capable of knowing and understanding most if not all of the core knowledge and understanding of the entire course, so chin up, and happy hunting.

    There's a world of opportunities and your qualification speaks volumes about your abillity and determination. :thumbup1:
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    As mfernott says - have faith in yourself. You are bound to be feeling down after being made redundant and for almost the same thing to happen again so soon. In both cases it wasn't your fault - it's not as if you can't do the work it just isn't there for you to do it!

    I also think this time of year is one of the most depressing - Xmas over and yet summer and brighter weather (ok, maybe) a long way off.

    If you have been doing management accountant work and also have the AAT qualification you have both attributes when it comes to looking for that next job, which I am sure is just round the corner. So get applying :001_smile:

    Did you still put in for membership - I think the work that you have done before passing the exams counts towards it?

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    Xmas over and yet summer and brighter weather (ok, maybe) a long way off - torrential rain surely?:lol::lol:

    Keep your chin up, its not down to your ability you find yourself in this situation, better things will be around the corner.
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    I was made redundant and yes my inital thought was "oh my" as I was out of my comfort zone.

    I applied for a job in the company was in and the Manager was very good. He said "look at your qualifications and read your CV" familiarise yourself with your skills. It certainly does opens your eyes as to actually how much you know, what you do and what resposibilites you have held. That gave me a real boost as I hadnt done something as simple as READ my CV. I applied for jobs that I wouldnt have even thought of trying for.

    I now have a posistion in a few weeks as an Accounts Assistant for the NHS. All because I took the time to read. Sounds silly but aquainting yourself with your skills can boost your confidence.

    Have faith in your skills. You obviously know what you are talking about as you have held a Management Accounts posistion. Bite the bullet. Trust me when you get a letter of employment that you never thought would happen. All your lack of confidence will slip away and you will be on your way back up again.

    New Year New Start :thumbup1:
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