Who is supposed to understand, me or the reader?

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I've nearly finished the Health and Safety unit, thank god!! However I've brought it into work to get some feedback and a couple of people have given me critical feedback, which is great but now I'm not sure who is right.

Eg, I have summarised what the Health & Safety Act 1974 means to employers, employees and the general public. Its a couple of paragraphs and then I have made reference to the fact that you have only to put measures in place if its practical in terms of time, cost and the risk far outweighs these. I then put, eg it would be reasonable for the HSE to expect a woodworking factory to have a specified area to put tools, etc so when they weren't in use they weren't left around posing a trip hazard. It would be reasonable to expect said factories staff to be have been made aware of these measures and to adhere to them. It would be unreasonable for the HSE to expect the factory to employ someone solely for the purpose of going round and picking up the tools to put in the specified area.

Its better worded than that but theres the gist. I've done bits like this throughout because I thought it demonstrated I understand H&S and aren't just regurgitating it. My colleague has asked me if I am supposed to make the assessor understand or show I do, which I think is probably a bit of both. She says if its to show I understand I am going too far with examples as above. Who is correct?
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