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AAT Intermidiate simulation test

BeckhaBeckha New MemberRegistered Posts: 5

I am feeling a little bewildered after taking the costing exam in December & then being told we have to prepare for an even harder exam 3 weeks later. The first day back after christmas, I mean come on yes it is the same work but it is totally different to the last exam shouldn't we have more time to prepare.

There aren't even any previous test papers we can use to practise with.

Is anyone else feeling like this or am I the only person feeling a blow to morale.

Beckha :001_unsure:


  • King of the MountainsKing of the Mountains Feels At Home Registered Posts: 66
    Sorry youv'e confused me a bit. Another exam?? I did the ECR in December, think it was a Monday and on the Wednesday we had the simulation which was 5 hours and more of a strain on the brain. Are you referring to the simulation?
  • BeckhaBeckha New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Yes I was talking about that simulation. We didn't have ours until Wednesday. Sorry to have confused u.

    I think it went ok, it wasn't really any harder then the ECR exam in december but as u said it cause a huge strain on the brain.

    I am please 2 say I don't think we have any exams for a while.
  • King of the MountainsKing of the Mountains Feels At Home Registered Posts: 66
    It's not that it's hard, you have to make sure you read everything thoroughly, for example I had to re-do the stock card because I ignored the purchase order because there was no goods received note, only when I went through it at the end did I see at the very bottom of the purchase order that the goods were delivered! Anyway had results and just had to elaborate a bit more on the limiting factor memo:001_smile:How did you get on?
  • BeckhaBeckha New Member Registered Posts: 5
    It was good I was so pleased I got 88% the only thing I have 2 revise is putting the work in process into the double entry. I am actually enjoying the reports section that we just started.
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