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I have been given the 'Project Planning' document to complete based on the case study - Premier Print Limited; and I have to admit I am struggling to complete it.

I was told to do some SWOT analysis but nowhere in the document does it ask for this. Furthermore, I have heard people say they are doing cost vs benefit analysis on all of the weaknesses identified, and others say to concentrate on just one.

Also, it asks for what training/planning etc is available and this isn't mentioned in the case study at all!!!

In all honesty it's a bit of a nightmare - and I haven't even started the project yet!

Any help would be much appreciated :confused1:


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    Hi StevenMorgetroyd

    The thing with the project is that it covers many different areas of a business. I don't know for sure, but I think this is because different students will have different work experience and may find it easier to concentrate on one area than another. Therefore, I recommend the following approach:

    1) The project does not specifically ask for a SWOT analysis, however, this is the best way of starting your project. Grab a sheet of paper and draw a SWOT grid. This read the whole project and each time you come across a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat, write it down in the relevant section of the grid along with the department and person it related to. This is probably the biggest bit of the project done.

    Now for the easy bit.

    2) Choice an area you want to work on, for example, payrol, or purchase ledger, or sales ledger.

    3) For the area you have chosen go back to your massive SWOT analysis and make a smaller SWOT analysis of all the issues relating to that area.

    4) Now all your have to do is write about these issues and if they can be resolved through training or a purchase of something or other, do a cost benefit analysis.

    In your project you should also include such things as an organisation chart, fraud issues, and what ever else if mentioned in the knowledge criteria lists.

    If would also recommend purchasing the BPP unit 10 course companion and this book virtually spoon feeds you through the project.

    I hope this is useful. Please shout if you need anyhelp and if I can help I will.:thumbup:
  • StevenMorgetroyd
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    Thanks for your help, although I'm not sure you get what I mean. I have attached the document which I have to complete - does this apply to all students? I think the project will be ok but this document is proving to be a right pain if I am honest.
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    I see what you mean Steve. This is just the planning stage. Therefore, I would recommend doing an overall SWOT analysis anyway (this also makes a really good appendix so it is not wasted), then choose an area you want to work on, and then using the information relating to the area you want to work on answer each section of the project planning document.

    Does that help.
  • speegs
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    I had to a similar plan and I did the project too. Therefore I think all students have to complete it.
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    Steve, SWOT is very importent and I remember it's been mentioned somewhere but I can't remember where exactly, maybe project template , however, it could be the easiest part of your project and will lead to many points, this will need to be 1200-1500 words of your project.

    Also, I don't think you should been given this anyway because if you read the first page "PROJECT PLANNING FORM
    This form is designed to help you plan your project and is based around the performance criteria in the student record. Once you have completed the form you should discuss your project with your work place mentor and they should record their comments on page 6 of this form. Hand the completed form to your assessor on the agreed date (per your assessment plan)." that means it's for work based projects ,not case studies.
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    hey technician students.
    this year is a year were i beggin my technician level and i dont no wat to expect out of it,
    m still waiting for my results tho but at the moment my mind is wondering what this level may have installed for me,

    can anyone give me just a little advice bout the course and the basics it nay have.

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