Unit 31 Professional Ethics

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I am finding this unit soooo hard to get my head around every other unit seems to be easy accept for this one.

Is there anyway of failing this unit, if so can I retake and do I fail the whole year?

Please help




  • Richard
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    I started this a few days ago and I'm finding it harder than I expected it to be - I just keep hoping it'll fall into place!!

    As its a skills test you won't automatically fail if you don't reach the required pass mark - providing you don't make too many mistakes, they can set you some additional questions. If you get these correct, you will then pass.
  • CelticStar
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    Which text book are you using? I had the Kaplan textbook and found that a bit overwhelming, so I ordered the Osbourne text book which I am finding a lot clearer. I have just sat my practice simulation and the questions were all covered by the Osbourne book, so I think that it is adequate for the unit.

    CelticStar :001_smile:
  • PamB
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    Its skills test based, so you don't fail. I didn't write quite enough on a couple of answers so the tutor phoned me and went through them the day after the skills test. The main thing to memeorise is

    T technical and professional competence
    O objectivity
    P professional behaviour
    C confidentiality
    I integrity
    D due care

    plus anti money laundering requirements
  • speegs
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    Posh People Drink Champagne In Offices

    Professional bevahiour
    Professional and technical competence
    Due care
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