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Hi all

I have begun Intermediate level and took Unit 5 FRA exam in December 07, I am doing my Simulation next week, which is the four hour question paper which I can sit under supervision at my workplace (instead of doing the skills test (portfolio?) for this unit).

I intend to do this for ECR also.

Can someone tell me if I still need to do a portfolio for intermediate level even if I choose to do Simulations all the way through?.

Sorry I hope this makes sense, only getting my head around it all myself.



  • Nicolaw1702
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    If you choose to do the simulations (which I am also) ,It will cover most of the work listed in your Portfolio, however there will be one or two it doesnt cover, the simulation will tell you which ones and you will have to find evidence for these.

    Hope this helps
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    If I were you I would double check to see if you are still allowed to sit your skills tests under supervision at work. I used to do this, but then BPP said that the AAT would not allow it anymore because too many people were cheating, thus spoiling it for us honest ones.
  • Princey
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    Cheers. Have my first simulation this week, although my supervisor is keeping it very close to his chest.

    I dont really mind any of the exams or the simulations, its just the portfolio I get so confused about.

    Good luck with your simulations and thanks for info.
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