AAT Unit 10 project HELP!!!

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Hi everyone. Firstly i would like to wish u all a happy new year!

I am currently earning my AAT qualification and I have been told by my teacher that I have to think of a problem and decide on solutions to my problem that is relevant to an accounting workplace (unit 10).

I am currently learning the ins and outs of book keeping in my workplace and I am struggling to think of a problem that I may encounter. I am hoping that somebody can help me to think of a few problems that I can use for my project.

Your time and efforts to help me would be very much appreciated.

Thanx, 2cool


  • speegs
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    If you really cannot think of anything, why not ask your tutor if you could do the simulation instead.

  • mfernott
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    That's probably best if you really can't think of relevant work based experience.

    And, on a completely separate note, Speegs - I'm dying to know what tune to sing your signature to...?!
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