ECR simulation

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Oh, no! I have finished unit 6 ECR simulation, got to my car and realised I have done Q10 wrong and deducted fixed costs from my contribution.
Then this affects further questions as the figures I have used were wrong although my methodology was correct.
Does this mean I have blown it?
1st exams I have done since I left school in 1983, probably before most of you were born!!
Oh, well, fingers crossed my tutor spots my mistake but at least gives me points for the bits I got right.


  • mastrypuncher
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    All is not lost. Your teacher can set you a supplementary question on the same subject you got wrong. Get that right & your home & dry.
  • Mand
    Mand Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    I passed ECR simulation

    I can't believe it. After stressing out that I had made a mess of the ECR simulation all last week, I just got my results and I got every bit correct!
    It has made my day, week, year!
    Good luck to everyone else. Off for a pint or 2 now to celebrate.
  • Princey
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    Weldone Mand:thumbup:

    I had my first simulation this morning, and I too think I made a mess. I found there is a lot of paperwork to trail through and takes a while to get settled into doing the questions.

    I did FRA Unit 5. And my TB looked a mess and was way out but could not gor the life of me find where i went wrong!!

    Have you done any before? Is there any advise you could give me going forward.

    Hope your pint was good.
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