When do we gt results?

mobility Registered Posts: 24 New contributor 🐸
Im trying to remember when we get exam results, anyone know date?


  • Princey
    Princey Registered Posts: 15 New contributor 🐸
    Website just says Feb, not date given yet.
  • StuPed
    StuPed Registered Posts: 13 New contributor 🐸
    Noted on an email that was sent to me that if you are signed up to the aat through email you can recieve your results by email (Think you have to log into MyAAT and actually press a link to say you would like that to happen) but in that instance they are stating that the results will be sent by email on the morning of Tuesday 19th February to those who have done that. Otherwise it will be sent by post on the same day or you can use MyAAT after 00:01am Wednesday morning (or then if your that keen i suppose!) to find it out.

    Also by the way, theres that small print of having all your outstanding fees paid by 12th Feb (5pm) in order to get your results!

    Hope that helps and is all accurate :D
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