I need some help with MAS project

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I'm doing the Spartan Builders simulation and I was given it back in June. I have not started it yet and really need to because in about a months time my study starts again and it's pretty much none stop to the summer then :(

The thing is I really have no idea where to start, there's just so much to read and so much to write and I just can't seem to get started on it!

Has anyone got any tips on where I should start? Suggested areas to base the project on?

Thanks for any help.


  • Cortez
    Cortez Registered Posts: 76 Regular contributor ⭐
    Well I actually sat down and read through it all today and took notes on the important bits.

    The areas I'm thinking about doing are payroll and either petty cash or IT. The petty cash control seems pretty relaxed but I'm not sure if ther's that much to write about. There could be quite abit to write about on IT though as most of it's manual and then there's the guy who's started studying IT but works in an accounts role ...so he could get the system computerised etc.

    So if I did payroll and the IT side of it do you think that would be enough or too much to write about? Has anyone else done SBL?
  • Cortez
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    erm anyone?
  • sugarplumfairy
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    Hi I am doing this one, how are you getting on??
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