Temping job - Too worried to sleep at night


I am doing an accounts payable temping job that really like. The only problem is that I am so worried about making a good impression I can't sleep at night and now it is affecting my work performance.

What can I do? The more stressed I get the more tired I feel and the less work I get done.

Right now I need a great big hug, some pyjamas and cocoa!




  • CJC
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    Hope this helps...sorry, I don't have pyjamas, I go au naturel which I'm sure is probably TMI for you :blushing:

  • blank
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    dont try to hard to make a good impression just make sure nothing goes wrong, payroll is easy to cock up and the problems when it does go wrong are to do with peoples pay and hence the reason its a tough job,

    just make sure your boss has no reason to see you in a bad light, give it a month or 2 and then start asking him if he needs help with anything

    and if anything does go wrong make sure u have an excuse to back you up !!
  • Devilishbird
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    Hi Jayne,

    I have recently gone back into temping along with holding down my permanent job in order to "Network". Take it in your stride, ask if you are unsure of how they want something to be done and remember your not supposed to know the ins and outs of the company your temping for, thats for when you become a permanent member of staff. I always adopt the attitude that every company is different in how they want things done. The basic accounts principle is there but they cost things etc differently.
    Anyway enjoy meeting different people and don't let it stress you out, all the best

  • murkinrg
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    Hi Jayne

    Ive placed a thread myself on temping today.i'm making a career out of being a professional temp.

    I really wouldnt worry to much.If you are an AAt student or member that shows you are dediczted to your career and if you can accumulate some good references than that also will set you in good stread.

    ...abnd if it doesnt work out the accounts job market is great at the moment.There is more demand for accoutns people than supply and you should never worry about the worst casde senario o fbeing out of work because unless you live in the outer hebredes you will always find work.

    Failing that. give me a call and I'll buy you a glas of wine which will help you to sleep!
  • Sevren
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    Jayne you sound like a dream employee !

    What I have learnt over recent years is that finding someone conscientious is more important than almost anything else. It's the one thing that you can't train someone to be !

    I don't think that they will be letting you go any time soon.

    If they do and you are anywhere in East Anglia then let me know !
  • JayneHogan
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    Hi Sevren,

    They DID let me go at the end of March so now I am looking for another job. If you know of anything in the London area then please let me know!:thumbup1:

    P.S. I can also commute out to Essex courtesy of One Railways.


    Jayne Hogan
  • JayneHogan
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    To Everyone Else Who Replied,

    Thanks for all the helpful comments. I shall take them all with me to my next job.

    Options hot chocolate is cheaper than Green and Blacks. Helpful if you buy in bulk! Just a tip for all those other insomniacs!!! :lol:


    Jayne Hogan
  • Sevren
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    Hi Jayne - I'll send you a personal message thingy

  • JayneHogan
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    What private message? I don't have one!!!:blushing:
  • Sevren
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    Hi Jayne - when you log in there is a private message thing which appears in the top right hand side which says you have a message (hopefully). I think that you can also get to it if you click on your name.

    If you haven't used it before you will probably have two messages - one from me and one from somebodyelse urging you to consider Bhuddism as the way forward which I assume was spam that everyone got.

    I will leave you to consider which is of more value.
  • JayneHogan
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    No I haven't got either!!!
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