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I am new so nice to meet you.

I am currently studying my Intermediate, 2 evenings a week and need to get some sort of revision timetable together. It may seem early but last year (foundation) I was a disaster and crammed night before, and thankfully passed, but this year I swore I would make more effort.

Anyone got any revision guides, or tips for intermediate revisions.

Strange request some may think as it should be straight forward, but I have been out of school for a while! and need some advice etc

Anyone got a sort of checklist of area to revise?




  • cat9198
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    Hi Gim,
    I have problems trying to revise also and didnt really do much for foundation last year!
    What with balancing work and running my house I find I dont have much time to look at my books!!
    I have found however that it only takes 10 minutes to read the case studies and chapter summaries in the book for one chapter so often do this ie when the bath is running i'll read the book for 10 mins!!
    If you have any more ideas please let me know!!
    Cat xx
  • Richard
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    I used to find it difficult getting into a routine when revising, so I started to plan my revision in advance. I went through the text books listing all the topics I needed to revise, made a list, and put dates next to them. By sticking to this I made sure that I was spending the right amount of time on each subject, not jumping from topic to topic, and that everything was covered.

    Also, try to do as many past papers as possible, there are plenty available on the website to download. Keep re-doing the parts that you get wrong, until you are confident.

    Its also helpful to read the Chief Examiners reports as they tend to highlight common mistakes that students make.
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