£50 Cheque

lindos Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?
I have not studied with BPP until this year. I did my exam in December and i am now waiting for my results, as many of us are.
I have today received a £50 Cheque from BPP but i really dont know what this is for, can anybody tell me?



  • claudialowe
    claudialowe Registered Posts: 275
    Can you not phone/email them and ask them?

  • richardw
    richardw Registered Posts: 108 ? ? ?
    Did you recommend a friend, or did a friend recommend them to you?
    If so, its a payment for that.
  • peugeot
    peugeot Registered Posts: 624
    When I studied with BPP we had to fill in a course evaluation form at the end of the taught/revision courses. The forms are then put into a draw and whoever gets pulled (for want of a better phrase:blushing:) won the prize money.
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