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Mark f
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I have a bit of a strange question that has arisen due to my personal situation. If I sit one exam and pass (eg FRA) does that pass stay valid until I pass the other exams and skills tests needed to complete the advanced diploma, even if that will not be until a years time?

Sorry if that sounds a little confusing. I may have to leave my college course due to family problems after having sat one exam in december 2007. Although I will still be able to study for the June exams at home if possible I believe that I wont be able to do any skills tests without joing another college (financially impossible)

Thanks for any help given!


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    Good question...i would imagine it would be, mean youve passed it so therefore youve done it. Maybe there is a limit to how long it is valid for without full completion but for a years wait I wouldnt think that would invalidate it from helping you pass in the future. Probably best to ask your trainer or the AAT direct or wait for someone a bit more knowledable than myself to come along!

    Sorry I cant be more help! :crying:
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    I split my technician level over two year because I was getting married and that was okay (Still awaiting results and if ive failed maybe over 3 :crying:), also there are some ladies in my class that did intermediate level about five years previous and theirs still counted. They just had to study abit harder because they had either forgotten stuff or somethings had change but I also believe that once you have passed an exam you have passed it.

    Kate x

    Oh yes our college also offers you some of your fee back or keeps the course open for you to complete the final stages next year if you have to drop out for a good reason, it might be worth contacting them.
  • Mark f
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    Thanks a lot for your answers. Thats put my mind at rest!
  • NeilH
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    Generally the pass is permantly held. However, the AAT update the standards/syllabus for each level every few years. When they do this they only allow a certain amount of time to complete the old standards. When they did this back in 2003, exam passes were carried over from the new older standards on to the new versions. At any rate, even if they hadn't done this they usually run old and new together for 18 months or so to allow people who are part way through the old standards to complete them.

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