Post Office and credit cards

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As a little aside, I was in the Post Office yesterday taxing five of the fleet vehicles. I had written out a cheque but I had transposed a couple of figures, I thought I could pay any difference by credit card.

Behind the counter was a huge poster advertising the new Post Office credit card, 0% on balance transfers, 0% on purchaes, 0% on blah blah blah. It had a picture of that actor from the current tv advertising campaign.

I handed over the cheque to a rather dour clerk along with my credit card and she curled her lip and snarled that the Post Office "doesn't accept Credit Cards". I smugly pointed at the poster and suggested that they do as they advertise them.......well can you believe it but she said that they dont, they issue them but wouldn't accept them, not even their own......?

Is it me ?


  • claudialowe
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    The post office only accept debit cards, not credit cards - I can only assume that they are too tight fisted to pay the handling charge :001_tt2:

  • Cullen
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    But you would think that they could make an exception for their own card. I remember boycotting Marks and Spencers for years as they would only accept their own credit cards. Aaaaargh........
  • richardw
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    Its likely to be the way that the handling charges are different for debit & credit cards.
    Debit cards have a fixed charge, credit cards have a %, which means you cant really predict how much the system is going to cost. Which is why a lot of places had a minimum payment when paying by card.
  • peugeot
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    The AAT had a credit card at one point, but that was just a "cover" as it was really a banks card with the AAT's logo on it - is the post office not the same thing?
  • mikew
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    It will be the DVLA that will not wish to pay the CC charge, the Post Office are purely an agent.
  • 118 11kate
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    I was in the post office the other day doing vehicle tax, stamps etc and asked if I could have five pound coins and handed the cashier a five pound note but the cashier simply returned the note saying they dont issue change.........:huh: ended up going to the bank.

  • Cullen
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    And they wonder why they are losing customers!

    On a completely different note, I have just escaped death by a hair's breath. A mad bus driver tried to mow me down. Wasn't prepared to stop, or even slow down........

    Does this happen only in Essex or is it a national trait......

    Do bus drivers have to be psychologically tested, and if so do they weed out paranoid assasin personality types?
  • sarahwilson
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    You can't get a job on the buses unless you are suicidal or homicidal they do prefer both:lol:
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