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Hellow everyone

I have taken 2 skill tests on UNIT 15 with BPP is last 2 months. I have taken their homestudy course too. The skill test exam paper is very tough and different than what they have in the BPP books. Failed twice:crying: I have asked them multiple times for additional test papers. But they have not been of great help.

Does anyone have soft copies of UNIT 15 Skill test so that i can work on them before attempting next one?

Thanks for your help .



  • Richard
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    Have you tried this one that is available on the AAT website?

  • carla030698
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    You are not on your own, I did the test in November and failed it, im attempting to learn it again but it is really difficult!
  • Ash
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    Unit 15 Skill test

    Richard - thats only one paper. When i went to take skill test. Assessor told me to take minimum of 4-6 more papers revisions and then retake the exam
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    Practicing for skills tests has different difficulties compared to exams.
    There are no prescribed dates when the skills tests are set to be taken, so there will be different candidates taking the same test on different days.
    This means that the tests cannot be made available generally, as a candidate may see his or her test before sitting it.

    Additionally, many tests were the copyright of the person who wrote them and the AAT used them on that basis, so they could not make them available even when they no longer were live as they did not belong to them.
    The recent ones are the property of AAT and can be used as a familiarisation exercise by candidates preparing, but there are not many in that category. BPP like many colleges will produce their own for their own students. In time I may well produce my own for Chichester College students.

    If you cannot get any to practice on from either BPP or the assessor who you saw, I think you may get more useful preparation by going through the standards and finding stand alone questions on each task from a conventional text book such as Colin Drury’s.
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    any extra material for UNIT 15

    I also feel this unit has a lot of knowledge to grasp. I can do the cash forecasting well, but not confident with those new terms. Could anybody give any advice about extral study materials, eg., any books?
  • SandyHood
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      The main text I recommend is
    this link also lets you see the chapter on granting credit
    My main other book is
    [*]Corporate Finance and Investment, Richard Pike, Bill Neale

    There are many good finance books around, but probably the key revision techniques are
    1. Cash Budget construction
    2. Variance analysis compared to actual cash flows
    3. Deciding how to finance shortfalls in cash
    4. Deciding how to invest short-term cash surpluses
    5. Granting credit to customers
    6. Monitoring and knowing what to do with creditors who do not keep to their terms of trade

    You need plenty of questions to practice these.
    There is one familiarisation paper on the site
    Here are a couple of quizes

    Using questions produced for other organisations can have there problems as they may miss some of the Unit 15 standards or test points which are not part of the Unit 15 standards.
    If you have reached the point where you are confident in your work and want a pack of questions, then email me with the subject line
    Unit 15 16 pages of questions
    and I will set my out of office reply so that you can get them as an attachment.
    [email protected]
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