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Went for an interview the other day for purchase ledger clerk. The description said an AAT studier would be good and that no experience was required - and as I'm just finishing off the first year AAt and I don't work in accounts, I thought the role would be perfect for me. The interview went okay and I should get a second interview next week sometime - fingers crossed! - but the thing that unsettled me was the fact that the person before me had a degree in accounting! A DEGREE in accounting!?!?:confused1: And they are going for the same job as me? How does that work? How can I compete against someone with a degree?

They didn't have any real life experience in accounts either, but they did have a degree! Are they overqaulified for the role? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


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    Hi - don't let that put you off - just because you have a degree, it doesn't mean that you'll get the job. It is all dependent on the person too. If they have no experience either, you both have just as much as a chance as each other.

    My job I was up against a CIMA student and I was just going onto technician. I actually got the job. I had to do a cash flow exercise and faired better at in than the other person! Yes I admit my job is hard work but I thrive on that and I obviously put that across in my interview.

    I really wouldn't let it worry you in the slightest....let the best man win as they say! Aslong as you did your best in the interview, then the rest is up to them to decide. But remember, you know nothing about that person.......its all good and well having a piece of paper.....but can they actually put what they have learnt into practice!

    Good luck x
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