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CPD Online

MichaelMichael Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
I`m trying to complete my CPD online log but everytime i get to the Plan section the whole site freezes. As it`s Sunday afternoon in our office I`m getting more that a little frustrated. Any ideas why this happens?


  • Simon SmithSimon Smith Banned Banned User Posts: 46
    Hi Michael,

    When you say the site freezes, do you mean it times out or your actual browser freezes? If it's the latter it's most likely your web browser acting up. Does it work okay from home?

  • MichaelMichael Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    When I press save in Plan I get an error message " Page cannot be displayed" If I go back to the homepage none of the tabs work. I have to go to another site and then back to this one for it to work! At home I don`t have broadband, only dial up so that would take way too long to use.
  • Simon SmithSimon Smith Banned Banned User Posts: 46
    Hmm, that does sound like strange behaviour, especially when you have to leave the site and come back again for it to work. I've not heard of any major issues with the CPD planner at the moment so it sounds like an isolated problem you're having.

    Do you run any kind of proxy service at your work that might interfere with the website? Especially seeing as it works again when you return to the site.

  • MichaelMichael Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Now you`re asking me questions I can`t answer!! I`m definitly not a techy, but it doesn`t happen on any other site I use.
  • MichaelMichael Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    I tried logging on last night at home and it worked, so it must be a problem at this end. Unfortunatly I`m on dial up at home which is to slow to use.
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