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I've just taken the plunge and applied for a new job after finally admitting to myself I'm not really happy where I am at the moment. At the grand old age of 49 I'm hoping to change jobs again.
I presently am "the accounts dept" as I am responsible for purchase ledger, bank rec, credit control, payroll, VAT and anything else accounts related. In fact I am almost left to get on with it all on my own! That's part of the problem in that I am not learning anything and feel I'm going to loose a lot of the knowledge that I gained when I did AAT - I qualified in '04.
SO I have applied for an Accounts Assistant's job which will include management accounts, which I have only done in exam situations. They are actually asking for Level 3 AAT and will provide assistance with further study, meaning CIMA. What I'm worried about is will they expect me to be able to walk right in and do the job as I have level 4. I know this sounds really pathethic!! And is it likely that I will have to do some sort of test? I'm really out of date with interviews!!! I can't even type straight if someone is watching! I intend to get all my old study notes out (IF I get an interview) which will either scare the pants off me or it will all come flooding back :001_unsure:

It's usually me who is doing the "you'll be alright" mother hen bit - can anyone do the same for me?


  • peugeot
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    I think you might be doubting your own ability.

    You know yourself that you have the skillset to do a good job in the potentially new role. In fact, judging by what you have said that you do in your current role, I would say you would sail into the new role.

    It is difficult leaving one company and going into another as there is a whole new way of working to learn and procedures and adapting to change - but I think you'll cope with it.

    You know how to produce management accounts (you do it now) and there is always scope to adapt another company's way of working to suit yours - indeed some firms I have dealt with in the past appreciate that. What a company does now (because it has probably always done it that way) does not mean it would not benefit from change. Further studying for CIMA means that the employer is commited to the new employee and this will only open more doors for you.

    Just be yourself at the interview, tell them your strengths and weaknesses (that question always comes up!!) and basically sell yourself. If you take the role and don't like the systems that are in place, suggest improvements - they are always welcome.

    Good luck anyway. Go for it I say!!

    Kind regards
  • shaxxa
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    Echoing Steve's post really.
    Don't be so hard on yourself, judging from your informative posts on these forums this position sounds right up your street.
    Your age may even help your application ( I'm not that far behind you at 44 next week). Unfortunatley there are so many students on these forums that struggle to find a job based on just studying for AAT without any experience of working in accounts, you have both experience and qualifications.
    I'm sure I would certainly consider you as a serious candidate if I was your potential employer.
    Steve's advice about suggesting improvements is spot on as well.
    Do your homework about the company and find out in advance what systems/software they have in place.
    Have confidence in yourself and the rest will follow.:thumbup:
    I wish you all the best.

  • 118 11kate
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    Hi Jan

    Im sure you will be fine :001_smile:. You have more guts than me:001_unsure: I have worked for the same company since I left school 15 years ago and have been studying aat in the evenings at college (Almost finished Technician Level) but I dont actually do anything like what I have learnt at work, I like my job and the people I work directly with (Which is why im still here ) but slowly im hating my boss (As he gets older hes getting more...... facetious/obnoxious) but I still dont have the guts to leave and apply for other roles because although I know accounts I dont feel that I have the experience and I am worried that if I apply for a job and get it and then im not as good as they think I might be.....:crying:

    You are a star in my eyes, good luck and keep us posted.

    Kate :thumbup:
  • blobbyh
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    I can understand where you're coming from Jan with regards to your nervousness over management accounting since I too have little real experience in this field. The management accounts at my previous company were minimal at best - the previous accountant hardly did them and the directors had no interest at all so no wonder they went bust! By contrast, the place where I'm temping now report and account for just about everything and it's a real eye opener for me so I'm hoping to pick up some hints and tips before I leave.

    One thing does seem certain though as echoed by others - there are more accounting jobs available than there are people to fill them so good luck in your search Jan!

  • Jan
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    Thanks for all your kind words, the letter of application went off yesterday so I'll keep you posted.

    Kate - you sound so much like me! I worked in a bank for 11 years before leaving to have children, went back to the same branch and in all was there for 20 years. so there is hope for you yet :laugh: . I changed over to accounts in my 40's! I've had a few changes of jobs in the last 8 years - just to keep progressing, its easier once you've done it, but still nerve wracking. A lot of knowledge I have has just been picked up over the years - apart from AAT of course. I used to think one of these days I'll get found out & that I haven't been doing it right after all. :lol:

    I had a sleepless night when I saw the advert, but now I have made the decision to go for it I feel better, just have to go with the flow and see what happens.
  • 118 11kate
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    Well Jan we are all rooting for you.:thumbup:
  • Jan
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    Just to keep you all up to date - I didn't even get an interview, so wasn't able to dazzle them with my great personality :lol: It obviously wasn't the right post for me - oh well back to the drawing board!

    Actually Steve, I don't produce any reports - that's part of the frustration of where I am at the moment. That and the inability to change anything - family firm, always done it this way etc etc. I am the first person outside the family (and the accountants) that has access to all the financial information and that has been a major leap for them! But I can see so many things that could be done better - it's like hitting my head against a brick wall getting anything to change.

    On a happier note its my birthday soon and so I'm off to the Caribbean for a week (it being a special one). :001_smile:
  • shaxxa
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    Sorry to hear you didn't get an interview Jan.
    Don't give up though, I so understand about family firms!!!!
    Have a wonderful birthday, you lucky thing!

  • SueP
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    Hi Jan

    Sorry you didn't get an interview but other jobs will come up.

    Just a thought. You say you have ideas on what you would change re your present job. Why don't you develop your ideas, and show a hard copy of it alongside the current way (if possible), and see if the family like it?

    Good luck in your endeavours to find satisfaction!
  • Jan
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    Just to keep you up to date, I have now managed to get a new job. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Signed on to a local agency and Sarah there was absolutely brilliant. Found me something that ticked all the boxes. I'l be doing the books for the clients of a land agent. Have to make sure all the tenants pay the rent - even if its only 5p, so no materiality there!! I thought I'd missed out last week, but they came back to me and offered me a second interview yesterday am, came back pm with an offer. I'm now floating about on cloud 9 :lol: Only dark cloud is handing in my notice :thumbdown: So if you hear of an explosion in North Yorkshire on Monday - don't worry it is only my boss going off on one!

    Thanks for all your reassurances!
  • speegs
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    Hey Jan,

    What happened when you handed in your notice?

    How did it go?



    Well done on the job.
  • Jan
    Jan Registered Posts: 654
    Think he was too shocked to explode! Just said "oh, right are you? When, end of the month? OK." Then he came into my office and asked if it was negotiatable, twice!

    In a moment of weakness said I'd come in to do the wages if he didn't find anyone straight away, on a temporary basis. Well, who was going to do my final wage!
  • Baggybooks
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    Good luck Jan!

  • 118 11kate
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    Jan wrote: Β»
    In a moment of weakness said I'd come in to do the wages if he didn't find anyone straight away, on a temporary basis. Well, who was going to do my final wage!

    Hi Jan

    Your moment of weakness is normal when leaving a job you been in for a while that is of course unless you leave on bad terms ~ once you hand in your notice you tend to feel bad about leaving them in the lurch but im sure these feelings will subside once you get a bigger pay cheque or more demanding and interesting tasks to do lol

    Also, I Just wanted to say "WELL DONE & GOOD LUCK"..:thumbup:

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