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Hello fellow aat people

I am interested in applying for any openings as an assistant accountant, preferably for a small to medium sized company in the private sector. With the aim of gaining loads of knowledge and setting up my own business some time in the future.

I have four years experience working as an accounts assistant in industry.
The problem is my grade has not progressed in that time and I am worried that prospective employers would see that as a negative.

I have nearly finished the AAT qualification.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!



  • burg
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    I would say that it may possibly be the right thing to do but I would not think it would be a cause for concern whilst you are undertaking AAT.

    I think most employers would view taking on and completing the AAT as development but if you were to be in the same role for 4 years after completing AAT then that maybe viewed negatively.

    I would suggest that if you don't think things will improve after qualification then you start looking but at present I don't think you need to rush.


  • Gianni
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    I think it will largely depend on what you have achieved as accounts assistant with your present employer and what you also currently do as accounts assistant.

    Job titles are subjective, one person called an accounts assistant is an assistant accountant in another company. I therefore suggest on your CV your job title reflects the industry standard for what you do, as oppose to your actual job title if at all different.

    As burg says, you are showing your development by studying and almost completing AAT and what's the harm in a bit of loyalty? You've worked at a company for 4 years, they could be paying for your course, you may enjoy it there but now you feel you need a new challenge and then back that up in the interview.
  • Bella
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    Thanks guys for your Advice!
    Since my first post I have received my latest results and I am now AAT qualified! Wehee!
    Thanks Bella:lol:
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