Using a blue pen in exam!!!

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Hi this may sound silly but as exam results are due out soon I am starting to worry (hopefully unnecessarily) because I did my exam using a blue pen instead of black! I am sure they said you MUST use a black pen. Do you think my exam will actually get marked or am I being just plain stupid!!:001_unsure:


  • PhilW
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    Stop Worrying

    The exam papers usually say Black or Blue ink, so you don't have anything to worry about. :thumbup:
  • 118 11kate
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    I wrote in black, blue, red and green to highlight different things :huh: and im sure I have done for all my previous exams......your just worrying for nothing and I bet you get a good result too.

    "Good Luck" and stop worrying, not long to go now.

    Kate :thumbup:
  • funnyclaire
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    That's a relief then!!! Although if I do fail I was going to tell people it was only because I used a blue pen. Well, that's that excuse out the window then!!!:laugh:
  • sebastianforbes
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    hi there,

    the front cover states...

    'we strongly recommend that you use a pen rather than a pencil'.

    now why would they say it like this ?..

    1) the graphite will fade in the 10 weeks it takes for the results to be released ?!!
    2) they are concerned about the rain-forests ? (use a recycled pencil)
    3) they want to see your workings ? (tippex is allowed 'in moderation' )
    4) because they can't legislate ?!!

    you must do whatever you feel is necessary to provide the knowledge required, while working within the code of conduct, as expected by the aat. common sense will always prevail (i would like to think).

    although, why anyone would want to sit an exam and NOT enter their 'student no.' ?.. god only knows !!!
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